A Chunk Of Monk Junk

Prerequisite quest: Heart of the Undead
Next Available quests: Hunk'a Hunk'a Burning Bone

A Chunk of Monk Junk

So, you're probably wondering about the carousel in the middle of town. It's a little something we've been working on to improve the tourism rate to our little burgh. However, there's a problem.

On the day that it was set to become fully operational, some jerk insect came in and stole a vital part for its dark machinations. We want you to head into the Missing Mazes to the west of town and retrieve it. Our intelligence on the subject seems to indicate that the jerk who took it sleeps in the middle of the Missing Mazes, but he might get up to wander around from time to time, all the while pinching other objects.

Start: Ex-Adventurer's Guild
End: Ex-Adventurer's Guild

Status: In Progress
(Killed 0/1 Bug-a-Bones.)
Need to get: Friar's Femur

XP: 1000

5x Mysteriously Salty Salt

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