A Game Of Jacks

A Game of Jacks

Recently, a powerful wizard came into town, just to rest on his way through. Unfortunately for him - and for all of us - some bratty little kid kept yelling outside the Inn window all night, and the wizard wasn't able to sleep at all.

As a result, the wizard cast a spell that gathered up all of the jacks in town, and put them into a small bag. Luckily for us, nobody around here is named Jack!

However, now the kids have nothing to play with, and we're all afraid they'll turn to being little miscreants if something isn't done about it. Could you go down into the sewers and grab one of those bags of caltrops and bring them back up here? It's for the children!

Start: Candor Adventurer's Guild
End: Candor Adventurer's Guild

Status: In Progress
Need to get: Unlimited Tiny Caltrops

XP: 150
Pyrite: 100

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