A Large Rat Problem

Prerequisite quest: NONE
Next Available quest: ?

A Large Rat PRoblem

Small children have been going missing while playing near the sewers.
Eyewitness accounts seem to indicate that there is a large rat problem that's been the cause of this.

A wealthy town resident has pledged a healthy sum to anyone that can go down to the sewers and investigate. There may be more trouble brewing there than we realize.

Head down to the sewers and kill several Large Rats.
By the time you've infiltrated them, you should have a better picture of what's going on down there.

Start: Candor Adventurer's Guild
End: Candor Adventurer's Guild

Status: In Progress
(Killed 0/8 Large Rat.)

XP: 175
Pyrite: 0

1x Vial of Healing Potion
1x Exploding Banana

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