Æther's Æpothecary

The local Item Shop

Items for sale:

Pic Item Name Price
item_potion_magic_small.gif Small Magic Potion 60
item_potion_healing_small.gif Small Healing Potion 80
item_mysteriouslysaltysalt.gif Mysteriously Salty Salt 130
item_potion_speed_small.gif Small Potion of Speed 140
item_potion_strength_small.gif Small Potion of Strength 140
item_pineapplebomb.gif Pineapple Bomb 220
item_potion_sapience_vial.gif Vial of Wisdom Potion 260
item_liquidcourage.gif Liquid Courage 340
item_applecutter.gif Apple Cutter 570
item_potion_smarts_small.gif Small Potion of Smarts 630
item_mysterymalt.gif Mystery Malt 670

In Game Description:
Not as good as an Ægis, but not as bad as an Ænema.

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