Apothecary's Paradise

The local Item Shop

Items for sale:

Pic Item Name Price
item_magicpill.gif Magic Pill 10
item_potion_magic_vial.gif Vial of Magic Potion 20
item_potion_healing_vial.gif Vial of Healing Potion 50
item_magicpill_bottle.gif Magic Pill Bottle 50
item_potion_strength_vial.gif Vial of Strength Potion 90
item_potion_speed_vial.gif Vial of Speed Potion 90
item_potion_smarts_vial.gif Vial of Smarts Potion 290
item_extrastrengthaspirin.gif Extra-Strength Aspirin 330

In Game Description:
Potions! Potions! Potions!

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