Candor's Clothing Emporium

In Game Description:
A clothing shop for the rest of us.

Pic Item Name Gold Price
n_shoes_1_green.gif n_shoes_1_green 32
n_shoes_1_purple.gif n_shoes_1_purple 32
m_pants_1_purple.gif m_pants_1_purple 64
m_pants_1_red.gif m_pants_1_red 64
m_shirt_1_green.gif m_shirt_1_green 128
m_robes_1_blue_purple.gif m_robes_1_blue_purple 96
m_robes_1_olive_teal.gif m_robes_1_olive_teal 96
m_hair_1_blue.gif m_hair_1_blue 96
m_hair_1_green.gif m_hair_1_green 96
n_staff_1_blue.gif n_staff_1_blue 320
n_staff_1_green.gif n_staff_1_green 320
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