Combat Shield

This spell is available once you have equipped the Li'l Healer skillgem.

  • Available at level 4
  • Costs 7 SP to cast
  • Grants Protection Class +5
  • Duration: 100 Rounds
  • Maximum 100 Rounds
  • Combat Clears (After leaving a battle, this effect is wiped off)
  • Targets: Self

In Game Description
Invented by the great magician Magnifico several hundred years ago, this combat shield will protect you from most anything that monsters can throw at you. Well, unless they throw it as a curve-ball, or throw it just a little to fast, or a little too slow, or if they use magic, or if they just kind of walk up to you and hit you with whatever it is they're throwing.

Come to think of it, given how many exceptions there are, you're a little surprised that it's helpful in preventing things from hitting you at all, but it turns out it's pretty effective so long as you can keep those monsters throwing things at you.

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