Distant Lands Armory

Items sold in this shop:
All prices are in pyrite.

Pic Item Name Price
item_metal_shirt.gif Metal Shirt 1400
item_link_mail.gif Link Mail 1660
item_chain_email.gif Chain eMail 2170
Primary Weapons
item_electrictoaster.gif Electric Toaster 2910
item_flail.gif Flail 3920
item_long_sword.gif Long Sword 5220
item_overly_long_sword.gif Overly Long Sword 6460
item_sharpenedsquid.gif Sharpened Squid 8270
Shields / Secondaries
item_plastic_shield.gif Plastic Shield 240
item_doppleweapon.gif Doppleweapon 7350

In Game Description:

Fyne Foreign Goods

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