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Another wiki I use has "discussion pages" where things can be talked about without having to be in the actual article.

one such thing that made me think of looking for such a page was my opinion that tracking the sidequests is utterly pointless as they're randomly generated (or seem to be) and/or are also level dependant.
tracking the items is fine, as they don't (seem to) change.

Suppose that's the end of that suggestion.

On an semi-related note, why are we using this type of wiki, instead of the more popular MediaWiki?
Everyone knows (or certainly should know) the format of wikipedia and, IMO, it's a lot better formatted than this.
Is it a hosting issue? If so, I'm sure that Xaroth could co-host it with Pseudoquest, as neither use a large amount or processing, space, or bandwidth.

Re: Suggestions by AlagothAlagoth, 02 Apr 2008 01:39

An association list of item-monster-location would be wonderful!
(i.e. what monster drops what item, and what places is that monster typically found.)

Extra-Bonus-Uber Points if all three are eventually searchable!
(i.e. look up a specific item, and get what monsters have dropped it, or what monsters are in a certain location, etc.)

Re: Suggestions by AlagothAlagoth, 17 Mar 2008 14:21

Hi everyone! If you notice any discrepancies in the wiki and would like to have them addressed, please post them here. Likewise, if you are near an area that somebody has raised an issue about, the community would greatly appreciate it if you would gather as much/accurate information as possible.

Thanks again for contributing to the PQwiki!

Suggestions by HodgefwHodgefw, 22 Feb 2008 07:42
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