Generalist SkillGem

item_skillgem_generalist.gifThis is the first skillgem you will be able to receive. This is a result of the Slime Collector, available at 2nd level.

This item is untradeable.
Equipping this skillgem costs you 500 experience points to equip.

Once equipped, you will be able to use some spells. As you grow in levels you will be able to utilize more spells that this skill gem provides.
Spells that are unlocked are:
Glittery Shield
Speed Bump
Li'l Healing
Static Shock
Beef Up

In Game Description:

It's not a particularly powerful skillgem, in and of itself. However, it is a well-rounded one, and can give you a taste of all the power to come.

At least, you assume that the copper taste in your mouth is power and not just plain old regular blood again.

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