Heart Of The Undead

Prerequisite quest: Bring me the head of Dr. Bones!
Next Available quests: Itsy, Bitsy, Dumb & Clue & A Chunk of Monk Junk

Heart of the Undead

At this point, I think the town will be able to survive more or less on its own.

You will probably want to head along the road to the southeast to the Necropolis, however, to - shall we say - re-open diplomatic discussions. Having a healthy relationship with the undead should help reduce the incidence of this sort of tomfoolery in the future.

Start: Ridgeland Security
End: Ex-Adventurer's Guild

Status: In Progress
Need to get: Request Letter of the Undead (Obtained)

Received on Quest Accept:
1x Request Letter of the Undead

XP: 1000

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