Humungous Problem

Prerequisite quest: A Game of Jacks
Next Available quest: ?

Humungous Problem!

Down in the sewers, there's an infestation of Human Gus, and they're clogging everything up!
Now that there aren't as many tiny caltrops littering the place, they seem to think they can just wander wherever they like.

Please head down to the sewers, and clear out the infestation.
The largest problem seems to be in the far south west of the sewers, but they have been known to wander around down there, too. Their home should be easy to spot, based on the foliage they usually leaf…er, leave laying around.

We're counting on you to keep our sewers clean!

Start: Candor Adventurer's Guild
End: Candor Adventurer's Guild

Status: In Progress
(Killed 0/10 Human Gus Fungus.)

XP: 150
Pyrite: 100

3x Healing Herb

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