I've Got The Power!

Prerequisite quest: Itsy Bitsy Dumb & Clue
Next Available quests: None

I've got the power!

Ok, so don't get me wrong, your ghost killing skills are great and the effort's appreciated, but it seems they've found a way to become even more annoying.

Any time one of the Were-Balls in the mazes manage to get their hands on a certain item, it gives them some kind of magical power to eat those annoying ghosts. Now, normally, this would be fine, but it all comes down to the eyes, which they just spit right out. They must taste funny or something.

Instead of those ghosts just kind of floating by and rolling their eyes at you, now they're just a floating pair of eyes 90% of the time. It's so aggravating!

If you could find out what it is that the Were-Balls are using to get all powered up and bring some back to us, I think it would go a long way towards understanding how we can stop them. Those ghosts are so much less annoying with their sheets on!

Start: Ex-Adventurer's Guild
End: Ex-Adventurer's Guild

Status: In Progress
(Killed 0/1 Were-ball.)
Need to get: Powered Pellets

XP: 1300
Pyrite: 1300

2x Small Potion of Speed

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