Inanimated Imports

The Local Armaments Shop
They sell:

Pic Item Name Price
item_potion_purple_small.gif Purple Slime Oil 80
item_recursiveshirt.gif Recursive Costume 3,950
item_scaryclownsuit.gif Scary Clown Suit 5,300
item_occultistrobes.gif Occultist Robes 5,650
Primary Weapons
item_edgarallenshoe.gif Edgar Allen's Hoe 11,410
item_protonpack.gif Proton Pack 26,790
item_prostheticchainsaw.gif Prosthetic Chainsaw 31,590
Shields / Secondaries
item_somekindofamulet.gif Some Kind of Amulet 2,690
item_macinegunleg.gif Machinegun Leg 11,970
item_invisibleunderarmprotection.gif Invisible Underarm Protection 590
item_sunshineonmyshoulders.gif Sunshine on my Shoulders 770
item_bluesuedeboots.gif Blue Suede Boots 1,840

In Game Description:
You're pretty sure that if these things were ever animated at one point, you wouldn't be interested.

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