A list of all PQ items and there locations/ pictures, prices and ingame description goes here. Each town will have there own page, with the items/cost/pictures/ingame description, but this page here is the list of all the items AND gold purchase items too.


Off Hand Items

Suits (Body Armour)


Quest Items

Side Quest Items

Out of combat Items note that some of these items are able to be used in combat, but not all

Combat Only Items


Shop (Buy)
Bunch of Dynomite Grapes 20
Exploding Banana 10
Extra-Strength Aspirin 300
Healing Herb 10
Magic Pill 10
Magic Pill Bottle 50
Purple Snake Oil 80
Smogstick 30
The Big Cheese 20
Tiny Time Shard 380
Vial of Healing Potion 20
Vial of Magic Potion 20
Vial of Smarts Potion 410
Vial of Speed Potion 100
Vial of Strength Potion 100
Chain eMail 3,860
Link Mail 2,580
Marshmallow Shirt 160
Metal Shirt 1,760
Revealing Leather Outfit 300
Studded Leather Armor 840
**Wooden Armor 650
Dagger 550
Electric Toaster 2,090
*Extremely Sharp Playing Card 350
Flail 3,430
Long Sword 4,960
Middle Sword 1,370
Moderately Sharp Playing Card 130
Overly Long Sword 5,880
Sharpened Squid 8,730
Short Sword 900
Doppleweapon 1,200
Iron Shield 340
Obvious Pun 730
**Off-hand Comment 330
Plastic Shield 210
Small Shield 40
*Wooden Shield 70
+1 Charm 30
Belt of Protection 40
Cape of Wisdom 140
Glasses of Intelligence 140
Gritty T-Shirt 110
Knit Cap of Speed 260
Magnetic Power Bracelet 50
Rat King Cole Slaw 270
Ring of Accuracy 40
Samuel L.'s Jacket 360
Unlimited Tiny Caltrops 160
Winged Boots 90

Generalist 1,130
Li'l Healer 7,250
Li'l Mage 26,700

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