Li'l Rogue

Li'l Rogue

item_skillgem_lil_rogue.gif The Li'l Rogue skillgem is acquired from the Hey, Bella! Leggo, see? based out of The Necropolis.

Unwinnable in PvP
Type: Skillgem
Power: -10
Alacrity: +15

This item costs 2500 XP to equip

Speedy Feets
Sneakin' Around
Loot the Corpse
Hide in Shadows

In Game Description:
Built specifically for the little thief in all of us, the Li'l Rogue enables all kinds of petty larceny. It's like the swiss army knife of skillgems, if the swiss army knife had only one focused purpose and came with its own lockpick and miniature shadows generator.

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