Monsters Of PQ

For the moment all monsters will be listed on this page.
When the list becomes too long, they will be split up into categories.
If people would be so kind as to update the min/max values for a kill, we should be able to narrow down each monster's Hit point value.

Boomerang Bat
The bat came back the very next day. The bat came back, we thought he was a goner, but the bat came back. It just couldn't stay away.
HP: < 30
Found: Candor Sewers
XP: 7
Pyrite: 4
It's just your typical little sprite, flying around and knocking you on the head with its tiny little wand.
They wouldn't be half as bad if they didn't keep singing "o/~ LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! o/~" all the time.
HP: 22-25
Magic: o/~ LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! o/~
Found: Out and About
XP: 21
Pyrite: 15-19
Random Drops: Tiny Time Shard
Fairy's Godmother
Not to be confused with a Fairy Godmother - who grants wishes, this is a Fairy's Godmother - who grants pain in large doses. And their song is every bit as annoying as their godchildrens'.
HP: 104-110
Magic: Weakness o/~ LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! o/~
Found: Out and About
XP: 87
Pyrite: 63-83
Random Drops: Vial of Magic Potion, Tiny Time Shard

Egg Wight

At the risk of laying
a bomb with you,
or at least a little bomb-let,
I'd like to announce
I'm preparing to play
the lead in Shakespear's Omelette!

These are the yolks, folks!
These are the yolks!
Yuk yuk,
tough luck,
cluck cluck,
we're stuck.
These are the yolks.

Some people say that
the way I tell jokes
is very close to human.
Tomorrow I go
to a studio
to record my first record albumen!

These are the yolks, folks!
These are the yolks!
Yuk yuk,
tough luck,
cluck cluck,
we're stuck.
These are the yolks.

(Written by Ray Charles. No, really.)source

You flutter by, butterfly.
Butterfly! Flutterby!
Look out or be eaten!
Chomp! Chomp! Munch! Munch!
O, the tragedy of it all!
HP: < 12
Found: Out and About
XP: 1
Pyrite: 1
Dwarf Rabbit

It's a little known fact that, outside of human lands, what we call "rabbits" are known as "human rabbits", on account of their rather standard size. However, the Dwarves have their own variety of coney… smaller than your average "human rabbit", but so much more vicious.
HP: < 25
Found: Out and About
XP: 21
Pyrite: 13-19
Random Drops: Vial of Strength Potion, Moderately Sharp Playing Card

Dwarfed Giant
A dwarfed giant looks not entirely unlike a rather tall human, but don't you dare tell them that - they're very sensitive about their diminuitive stature. Years and years of being picked last for giant dodgeball has given them an ill temper, and they're not afraid to pick on anyone smaller than they are.
HP: 38-41
Found: Out and About
XP: 36
Pyrite: 23-34
Random Drops: Tiny Time Shard
Rabid Dwarf
Years and years of living underground means an increased risk of getting bit by a rat. And, with all that ankle-biting going on, sooner or later, you'll probably get rabies. In the case of these Rabid Dwarves, they rats must've been especially short in order to even get to their ankles.
HP: 32-37
uses Skills/spell(s): Rabies
Found: The Dreary Mountain Cave, The Dreary Mountain Cave, Level 2
XP: 9
Pyrite: 5-7
Random Drops: Vial of Speed Potion

note - usually appear in groups of seven

Giant Dwarf
Dwarves are just like any other race, in that giantism occasionally happens. These dwarves, however, were normal sized until their clan struck a rich vein of wheatyite. While there's no more wheatyite left, the aftermath of carnage continues to this day.
HP: < 61
Found: Out and About, The Dreary Mountain Cave
XP: 24
Pyrite: 16-24
Random Drops: Vial of Healing Potion, Vial of Healing Potion
Did you ever wonder why these things are so pig-faced? It's not because some evil wizard did it to them… it's commonly held that it's the pie they're always eating that does it. Evil wizard pie, that is.
HP: < than 22
Magic: Pie Slime
Found: Out and About
XP: 10
Pyrite: 6-9
Random Drops: Vial of Speed Potion
Human Gus (Fungus)
HP: < 11
uses Skills/spell(s): Spore Cloud
Found: Candor Sewers
XP: 4
Pyrite: 2-3
Random Drops: Healing Herb
Oh, sure, you're probably writing the email right now to complain about the spelling of this beast. While everyone knows that Kobolds are notoriously bad at spelling, this
is a beast of another color. Namely, the color of "no hair on its head."
HP < 10
Found: Out and About
XP: 7
Pyrite: 3-6
Random Drops: Healing Herb, Healing Herb
A minortaur lives in especially small labyrinths, preying on minor criminals convicted of petty offenses. Its head is particularly valuable as a base for tiny coffee tables, and for hanging up as a trophy in especially small living rooms.
HP 63-80
Found: The Dreary Mountain Cave
XP: 58
Pyrite: 37-55
Random Drop: Vial of Strength Potion, Vial of Healing Potion
Larger and tougher than their puny breatheren, Majortaurs rule the larger caverns and caves in the area. The legend is that they derive their power from some sort of magical iron fist, but that's not true - it's just a normal human fist, cleaved from its owner some many years ago.
HP: 132-148
Found: The Dreary Mountain Cave, Level 2
XP: 108
Pyrite: 100-104
Random Drop: Vial of Strength Potion, Vial of Strength Potion
Normally, these ugly beasts spend their days hanging out in the rather dreary cave in the far northwest, just sitting around all day moping. They should not be confused with janitors, who spend their days hanging out with ugly beasts, mopping.
HP: 47-48
Found: Out and About, The Dreary Mountain Cave
XP: 32
Pyrite: 20-31
Random Drop: Vial of Healing Potion
Phony Pony
Unknown number between 37 & 47 HP to kill
If you're standing from far enough away, then this looks like a regular horse. When you get up close, though, you find it to be a lean, mean, killing machine… complete with little levers on the side to make it go.
Found: Out and About
XP: 34
Pyrite: 22-32
Small Rat

Rats are a staple of this (and really any) world. They're highly prized because of this… without them, people would have to use rubber bands to keep their papers together.
These rats are pretty small, though. You'd be lucky to use them to staple a postcard.
Found: Out and About
XP: 5
Pyrite: 3-4

Large Rat
Unknown number between 21 & 32 HP to kill
Did you ever wonder why every single RPG involves hours and hours of slaughtering these? Well, the answer is a bit more involved than you might realize. Suffice it to say there's a very powerful Large Rat PR machine, and they work very hard to promote Large Rat visibility in the public eye.
Failing that, they'll settle for being very visible in your eye, namely by chewing on it.
Found: Candor Sewers
XP: 17
Pyrite: 11-16
Random Drops: Vial of Healing Potion
Rat Lieutenant
Unknown number between 25 & 51 HP to kill
This rat's got a few more years to go before he can get into one of those cushy Rat Captain jobs. In the meantime, he spends his days pushing other rats around, patrolling the sewers, and running small cheese-oriented fundraisers.
Found: Candor Sewers
XP: 43
Pyrite: 31
Random Drops: The Big Cheese, Unlimited Tiny Caltrops
Rat Captain
Unknown number between 78 & 98 HP to kill
Unlike a ship captain, a Rat Captain is not someone who pilots a rat. Instead, they boss around the Rat Lieutenants and run slightly larger cheese-oriented fundraisers. They are also the most ruthlessly efficient at completing rat paperwork. If you don't believe me, just look at their inbox - not a single Ruth in sight!
Magic: Li'l Healing
Found: Candor Sewers
XP: 65
Pyrite: 56-61
Random Drops: Bunch of Dynomite Grapes, The Big Cheese, Vial of Healing Potion
Green Slime
//Unknown number between 7 & 7 HP to kill
It's no wonder that these are in every single fantasy game out there… They look like sentient lime gelatin dessert, and who doesn't like that? However, these ones have been rolling around in the dirt a lot, so I wouldn't recommend trying to eat them.
Found: Out and About, JoeBob's Olde Tyme Slime Ranch
XP: 1
Pyrite: 1
Green Slime Horde
These are a mutant variety of the normal green slimes that reproduces much, much more quickly. They shouldn't be confused with a Green Slime Hoard, which is just where Green Slimes stash all their treasure.
HP: 31
Magic: Group Heal
Found: JoeBob's Olde Tyme Slime Ranch
XP: 5
Pyrite: 3-4
Blue Slime
Unknown number between 63 & 68 HP to kill
Blue slimes are generally harder to find than their more naturally-colored bretheren. There's an entire industry devoted to re-coloring existing slimes, but for whatever reason the color blue just won't take; they have to be hunted down in their natural habitats, which makes them all the rarer.
Magic: Group Heal
Found: JoeBob's Olde Tyme Slime Ranch, Out and About.
XP: 43
Pyrite: 37
Random Drops: Magic Pill
Yellow Slime
Unknown number between 36 & 47 HP to kill
Rumor has it that these slimes started out as your average, run-of-the-mill green slimes that were struck by lightning. Repeatedly. Let that be a lesson to you - standing in the rain with a golf club will either kill you or give you super powers. One of the two.
Magic: Static Shock
Found: JoeBob's Olde Tyme Slime Ranch, Candor Sewers, The Dreary Mountain Cave, Out and About.
XP: 26
Pyrite: 17-25
Random Drop: Exploding Banana
Spawn of Lewis
Unknown number between 91 & 99 HP to kill
Once upon a tyme, Olde JoeBob started himself a Slime Ranche. One of his Ranche-handes - a boy named Lewis - started mixin' and-a' matchin' the slimes. Before you knew it, this orange jerk was created and up 'n devoured his creator.
Found: JoeBob's Olde Tyme Slime Ranch, Out and About.
Magic: Meow of Doom
XP: 108
Pyrite: 69-102
Random Drop: Vial of Strength Potion, Vial of Speed Potion
Red Slime
Unknown number between 77 & 95 HP to kill
Cinnamon jelly beans are great, under normal circumstances. However, if a boy throws one of them to his pet blob, it becomes ferocious, starts spewing flames, and eventually devours his benefactor. Let's just say there's a lot of uneducated children in this realm and a surplus of cinnamon jelly beans to feed to all those cute little slimes.
Found: The Dreary Mountain Cave, The Dreary Mountain Cave, Level 2
Magic: Slime Fireball
XP: 87
Pyrite: 56-74
Random Drops: Vial of Smarts Potion Smogstick
Purple Slime
Unknown number between ? & 59 HP to kill
What do you get when you mix a red slime and a blue slime? Well, as it turns out, you just get a big mess.
Purple slimes are so colored due to a parasitic lichen that grows deep in the earth. Unfortunately for you, this lichen grants the slimes super strength, and only grants you super pain.
Found: JoeBob's Olde Tyme Slime Ranch,The Dreary Mountain Cave, Level 2
XP: 27
Pyrite: 23
Random Drops: Bunch of Dynomite Grapes, Vial of Smarts Potion
Zombie Slime
Unknown number between ? & 186 HP to kill
I'll bet you thought that slimes were brainless already. I mean, you'd think you could see it through the ooze if it were there. As it turns out, slimes are just as prone to zombieism as much as any other creature. The real problem is that, unable to feed on each others' gelatinous brains, they seek out poor adventurers such as yourself instead.
Found: Ridgeland Cemetery, Out and about
XP: 65
Pyrite: 47-65
Random Drops:
Green Snake
Unknown number between 26 & 49 HP to kill
In addition to sporting the appropriate color, this snake seems terribly inexperienced. He keeps lunging at you awkwardly, slithering around in circles, and blushing occasionally. Left alone for long enough, they eventually grow fur and claws, finally maturing into old and grizzly snakes.
Found: Out and About, Ophidimania
XP: 13
Pyrite: 10
Random Drops: Healing Herb, Healing Herb
Blue Snake
Unknown number between 33 & 34 HP to kill
The weakest of its kin, the blue snake mainly attacks by attempting to choke a person's ankle. If that doesn't sound that bad, you've obviously never tried breathing through your ankle while you've got a blue snake wrapped around it.
Found: Out and About, Ophidimania
XP: 21
Pyrite: 13-20
Random Drops: Magic Pill, Healing Herb
Yellow Snake
Unknown number between 21 & 36 HP to kill
This snake is considered a bit of a delicacy back in Calais. They make a variety of tiny foods out of wild rice and raw snakemeat. The names differ, based on what type of snake is involved.
They call the ones made with this type of snake 'hamachi', though you can't fathom why it would get such a name, or why they always throw the heads away and only use the yellow tails.
Magic: Static Shock
Found: Ophidimania
XP: 21
Pyrite: 13-20
Random Drops: Vial of Speed Potion
Red Snake
Unknown number between 30 & 33 HP to kill
You've never entirely understood why this snake should be colored red. It lives in a green area, it isn't poisonous, and it really isn't that strong. As near as you can tell, though, these snakes were once part of a larger exploratory group, and must've become separated somehow.
Found: Ophidimania
XP: 21
Pyrite: 15-18
Random Drops: Magic Pill Bottle
Purple Snake
Unknown number between 37 & 45 HP to kill
Long thought to be the byproduct of a failed magical experiment, these snakes have a rather odd manner of attracting prey. Periodically, they grow a small vial on their sides that contains a special oily venom. Unfortunately for the snakes, the venom is more delicious than poisonous, so it finds its way into a variety of tasty magical desserts.
Magic: Li'l Healing
Found: Ophidimania
XP: 26
Pyrite: 19-25
Random Drops: Purple Snake Oil
Black Snake
Unknown number between 87 & 197 huge HP to kill
No matter what the other snakes try to tell you, black is the new black. Black is also the old black, and probably the current black, too. It's also known to be used in royalty, all the way from the King black right on down through the Jack black.
Found: Ophidimania
XP: 87
Pyrite: 70
Wight Snake
Unknown number: 41 or less HP to kill
TODO (obvious reference goes here)
Uses Skill/spell(s): Boo! Hissss!
Found: Ophidimania
XP: 18
Pyrite: 11-15
Random Drops: Extra-Strength Aspirin
Orange Snake
Unknown number: 133 or less HP to kill
Did you ever wonder where orange snakeskin purses come from? I mean, sure, you've seen them around from time to time, but hasn't it always seemed obvious that nobody in their right mind would dye a snakeskin orange, and then expect people to accessorize with it? Well, wonder no more. After seeing this snake, it all makes a lot more sense.
Uses Skill/spell(s): Boo! Hissss!
Found: Ophidimania
XP: 130
Pyrite: 100
Random Drops: Vial of Healing Potion, Vial of Magic Potion
Behold! Er…
Unknown number between 95 & 188 HP to kill
This monster, with it's floating-orb-like appearance and dozens of eye-stalks, is a walking (flying?) pun. Their existence can be attributed to a particularly witty wizard, who -ironically enough - was killed by his own wit.
Mostly, these monsters like to peek around corners to find unsuspecting adventurers, and then leap out and reveal something profound. It's usually at this point that they become embarrassed and angry, because they're also not very good at planning whatever it was they were going to say after they jumped around the corner.
Found: The Dragon's Lair
XP: 100
Pyrite: 70
Random Drops: Tiny Time Shard

Purple Crab
< 25
The theory of spontaneous generation is more true than people give it credit for. Some barley and water will create mice, garbage creates raccoons, and a pile of cardboard letter e's left in a basement will create a purple crab.

I suppose it's this complete randomness that leads people to dismiss the theory. I mean, mice from barley? How would they fit in those tiny grains?!
Found: [[JoeBob's Olde Abandonde Basemente]]
XP: 43
Random Drops: [[Vial of Magic Potion]]


Rat King Cole
Unknown number between 64 & 103 HP to kill
The rumors were true! Not only have the rats organized, but they've installed a king! There seems to be something nasty and foul-smelling oozing out of his pockets. Here's hoping you don't get any of it on you.
Weapon: Clubbing Scepter
Found: Candor Sewers
XP: 65
Pyrite: ~50
Drops: Rat King Cole Slaw
Queen Blue Snake
Unknown number between 140 & 178 HP to kill
No wonder she was so hard to find! Her skin scintillates skylike shades, slipping slowly sub-sea. The crown, though? Silly.
She seems to have some piece of clothing stuck in her teeth.
Uses Skill/spell(s): Snakin' Around
Found: Ophidimania
XP: 87
Pyrite: ~80
Drops: Samuel L.'s Jacket
Bleak Dragon
Unknown number between 163 & 293 HP to kill
Most dragons are quite ferocious. However, the only thing this dragon's quite of is old. I mean, really… this dragon's draggin, and it ain't pretty. He's got a permanent frown on his face, and looks like he could burst into tears at any moment, which would be disasterous, what with their tears being made of acid.
Uses Skill/spell(s): Depressing Tail, Heal!
Found: The Dragon's Lair
XP: 108
Pyrite: ~100
Drops: Li'l Mage, Extra-Strength Aspirin
Unknown number between 287 and 384 HP
This doesn't look so good. This one is heavily armored, and has guns sticking out the side! How on earth are you going to be able to penetrate that? Is there even a real phony pony inside there?
Uses Skill/Spell(s): Firestorm of War
Found: The Pit Of Despair Level 2
Pyrite: ~174
Drops: Quadra-force
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