There are a couple ways to move around the world. While in town, you will not use any Turns. Inside dungeons or in the "Out and About" each movement in a direction will use a single turn. The only exception to this is when you encounter a monster, encounters will take the 1 turn that it took to reach the square where the fight took place, and will take a further 2 turns.

Movement is only done vertically and horizontally. Clicking on a square on the map will move your character to that square in the most direct fashion. Clicking on a diagonal position from your character will not take the one turn you may think it may do, instead your character will travel vertically, then horizontally.

  • WARNING if you click on an extreme corner, you will go first one direction fully, then the other (seems to be prioritizing horizontal to vertical if no obstructions). If you get into a fight somewhere on the path, you may not know where you were at when the encounter took place. It is very easy to get lost if this happens multiple times on a diagonal trip. An example would be attempting to get back to Smallsville from the lake in the southeast from hunting the fluterbys, encountering numerous things along the way, you may actually end up over next to the dungeon that's to the west of the lake, or even out in the middle of the paths just south of Smallsville. Without a good clear World Map this could pose as quite a problem.

Another way of achieving movement is to have the mouse cursor over the map, and use the arrow keys on the keyboard. While using this method, it is much easier to know where you are going. While in this movement method, pressing enter will enter/exit a building or town if you are over it.

Speaking of tricks while over an entrance/exit, if you prefer using the mouse over the keyboard, clicking on your character will move you in/out of an area if possible. I have seen times where it doesn't respond every time, but this is not a big issue as of yet.

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