Orc Raiders

Prerequisite quest: An Introduction to Lord Such-and-Such
Next Available quest: A Minor Problem

Orc Raiders

So, um… hmm. You haven't decided to leave yet? To give up?

Well, you must be very brave or very… something else.

Anyway, my lands have been pillaged by nasty, filthy beasts. Much more nasty and filthy than the sort that usually come from Smallsville…

No, no. I'm talking about Orcs. And lots of them. The going reconnaisance is that they're flooding out of a cave in the far northwest of our lands.

I'm sure that if you were to go defeat them, our meager coffers could find you some small reward.

Start: Lord Such-and-Such's Manor
End: Lord Such-and-Such's Manor

Status: In Progress
(Killed 0/5 Orcs.)

XP: 300
Pyrite: 200

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