Ridgeland Arms

Items sold in this shop:
All prices are in pyrite.

P. Item Name Price
item_holybuckets.gif Holy Buckets 2,640
item_cloakofdaggers.gif Cloak of Daggers 2,810
Primary Weapons
item_skeletonfemur.gif Skeleton Femur 8,950
item_knifeyspooney.gif Knifey-Spooney 9,520
item_silverspoon.gif Silver Spoon 12,730
item_headinajar.gif Head in a Jar 160
item_wolfwear.gif Wolf Wear 160
item_broachofshielding.gif Broach of Shielding 380
item_bookofanecdotes.gif Book of Anecdotes 520

In Game Description:
Given how badly this town was beaten, you're not entirely sure that you can trust the wares here.

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