Snakes On A Plain

Prerequisite quest: Slither Throat
Next Available quest: NONE

Snakes on a Plain

I am sick and tired of these mother snakes on this mother plain! You are going to have to put an end to this, I fear. From my detailed analysis of the black snake skin, it seems there is some sort of master snake hiding out.

I'm guessing that if we haven't seen it yet, it'll be hiding somewhere devious. I've heard tail *cough* that a snake like this would likely be hiding somewhere non-standard, but is definitely going to have all those other snakes close-by.

We sent our scout, Sam Lee, but he hasn't returned yet. See if you can't find him.

Start: Calais Local 47
End: Calais Local 47

Status: In Progress
(Killed 0/1 Queen Blue Snake.)

XP: 500
Pyrite: 400

1x Obvious Pun

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