The Rat King

The Rat King

This quest is accepted in the Candor Adventurer's Guild

Pre-Required quest: ((Insert here))
Required Level: 3
Next Triggered Quest: An Introduction To Lord Such And Such

Rumors have started circulating around the town that there's a much greater threat going on down in the sewers than we'd feared, even until now. The rats seem to have organized, and installed a King!

In order to protect the town from this growing rat menace, we need some brave adventurer to go down there and defeat the evil Rat King. Rats are basically cowards, so once the King has been defeated, all the rest of the rats should fall into chaos, and we won't have to worry about another uprising for a long time.

Start: Candor Adventurer's Guild
End: Candor Adventurer's Guild

Status: In Progress
(Killed 0/1 Rat King Cole.)

XP: 500
Pyrite: 100

1x Li'l Healer

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