Gain A Level

Well, it's almost time to let you loose on the world. The proverbial bird out of the nest and all. Though, I suppose the bird will still be around the nest for a while - there's actual work to be done out there.

Anyway, from time to time you'll find that all your hard work running errands and killing monsters will pay off by making you more powerful. As you collect experience over time, you'll begin to increase in level, which should make things easier for you down the road. The first one comes when you hit 1,750 xp. Levelling up also opens up new work opportunities at the Guilds - any time you've gained a level, you might want to consider hitting the Guilds again to see if new work is available.

Your last tutorial task, then, is to head out there and gain a level!

Status: Not Accepted

Pyrite: 200

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