Were Ball

You have to admit you're a little confused about this one. It seems that he just keeps running around the mazes, alternately chasing and being chased by Ghostly Minortaurs. He also has an odd habit of constantly picking up small stones and eating them as he walks through the mazes, which you can't imagine must be any good for his digestive system.

Location: Mazes and Monsters, Oh my!
Drops: Powered pellets
hp: between 102 and 272 hp

Were-are my keys?
Stats Brains: -5
Sapience: -5
Duration: 1 Rounds (5 max)
Combat Only
Targets: Opposing Combatant

Looks like you've been bit by a were-fiend. Lucky for you, you know the incredibly rare piece of information about becoming a were-beast that almost everyone else doesn't: when you get bit, your house keys drop from your pocket, and if you can find them within the first 30 seconds, your lycanthropy is free. Er, I mean, you're lycanthropy free.

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