World Map

Greetings and well met adventurers of PseudoQuest!

This page is just going to have a link on it and some information.

First and foremost, please bear with me as I am new to the whole Wiki stuff.

Now, as a new update to everyone: The over world map is complete!!! Well, almost, the top right corner (northeastern side) has some tiles missing, and there's some stuff that I've improvised upon, at least until Xaroth tells me what he'd like to have out there ^^

There are a few different maps already done, the interactive one I've made (which I haven't added in the towns yet interactively plan on seeing these for the first couple towns within a week or so), A rough map that would be as if someone did a full map in game using methods found that look comparable to maps drawn in many RPG's, and some towns that have been made by me as screen shots in the thread on the PseudoQuest forums.

Gamma is working on a full screen shot method for the world map, which I expect to be done soon.

Link to the world map in construction:
Please be aware, this is using a mighty slow connection so it may take some time to complete the download. Basically this is being run off my home computer that I have setup as a web server in my back room.

PseudoQuest Mapping project by Kinam

note I've finally started at Devry and it's taken quite a bit of my time up. As soon as I catch up on some things and get used to a study schedule I'm setting forth for myself, I'll be able to re-take up this project.

Squirrelborg's World Map:

note if anyone knows how to make a TOC / whatever to make this look better, XFire message me to explain it please ^^

Approximate distance (in turns) between cities:

Cities Distance(in turns)
Smallsville and Candor 50 turns
Calais and Ophidimania 19 turns
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