Xmas Coal 06

This item was received during Limited Beta during the week of Christmas.


  • Type: Consumable
  • HP: +5-10
  • SP: +5-10
  • Targets: Self

In Game Description
Gathered from the Xmas Slime back in Ought Six, this coal is quite enduring. It's not that you've been especially bad to get this. Rather, this just happens to be the accumulation of a year's worth of dirt consumed by the Xmas Slime.

It's said that this coal will survive anything, even a world-clearing event.

This item was an exclusive item from the Christmas event of 2006. Members of the Limited Beta were able to receive this item if the did some slaughtering of slimes on the JoeBob's Olde Tyme Slime Ranche. This item can be sold and purchased only in the Player Shops.

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