Zombie's Zupplies

The local Item Shop

Items for sale:

Pic Item Name Price
item_cherrybomb.gif Cherry Bomb 170
Shields / Secondaries
item_swampthangfang.gif Swamp Thang Fang 670
item_garlicshield.gif Garlic Shield 850
item_twoperpendicularsticks.gif Two Perpendicular Sticks 1,160
item_gremlinbgone.gif Gremlin 'B' Gone 1,510
item_touchytorch.gif Touchy Torch 7,010
item_holymolar.gif Holy Molar 340
item_aragoggles.gif Aragoggles 520
item_deadmansboots.gif Dead Man's Boots 530

In Game Description:
A quaint apothecary, if the rotting flesh of the unliving can be called 'quaint'.

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